Allana Mayer

archivist, records manager, and organizer-of-things

It's never too early to get your records in order, but many put it off.

I can help.

I'm a professional who can work with you to assemble and organize your files, whether they're letters, family photographs, manuscripts, drafts, sketchbooks, taxes and medical records, home videos, business and accounting files, scrapbooks - even artwork. I can help with your book and antique collections, too.

I’m available for projects big and small:

If you plan to donate your materials to a library or archive, or just want them neatened up, get in touch. I'll preserve fragile materials, and even identify sensitive or confidential information.

About Me

I'm an experienced archivist and librarian, with a Masters in Library and Information Science and years in a variety of corporate, non-profit, and private settings.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, I work with families, artists, venues, corporations, and community groups: to help them prioritize their own history, and discover the strategic value of collecting and preserving their creations and documentation.

I specialize in art and media archiving. My academic research centres around digital preservation, authenticity and access, open access and open content, and copyright.

If you work in the cultural heritage sector, you're encouraged to spend some time on my blog and see my publications, presentations, and research projects.

Services For Individuals and Families

with photos, videos, scrapbooks, letters, documents, paperwork


I'll work with you to get your physical and digital files in order. I create different conceptual organizational schemes based on you - if they're materials you still actively work with, I'll make sure things are retrievable when you need them. The system will be intuitive and easy to maintain.


I'll create file lists, so you know where everything went, and write descriptive texts of categories and collections. I'll also record the original order, so things can be put back if you're not happy.


I'll isolate and encase fragile and valuable materials, and refer you for conservation where appropriate. I'll also digitize or copy selected materials for a number of reasons - fragility, value, or the potential for reuse.


I'll catalogue antique and rare materials and collections, and to refer you to appraisers or identify places to donate them. I cannot perform financial appraisal, but I can pinpoint valuable materials.

Services For Businesses and Community Groups

With knowledge-management needs

Records Management

Assessment, design, and implementation of physical and digital file-management programs. This includes legal compliance and risk mitigation, physical and digital quality control, classification/structure and retention/destruction plans, and instruction and documentation on best practices.

Consulting and assessment

Appraisal, copyright surveys, preservation design, project management, and strategic planning for your collections.


Design and implementation of digitization programs: scanning, formatting, transcription (text-recognition), editing and touchups, metadata, cataloguing, and database work for documents, art, media, ephemera, and other materials.


Lectures and workshops for (and sharing resources with) people who care for specialized materials, on topics including technology, data security and privacy, digital literacy, archiving and preservation, records management, cultural heritage, copyright, and legal compliance.

Services For Individuals, Businesses, and Community Groups

With asset-management, branding, and digital needs

Websites with content databases

Collections and digital asset management, front-end programming and layout, GUI setup, light graphic design and media procurement, using well-supported CMSes. I’ll help you assess, install, and customize platforms for digital asset management, online finding aids, exhibits, document management, and other needs.


Quick setup of static webpages or blogs on established platforms, light graphic design and media procurement, with basic training on web publishing and branding.


Quick setup of web analytics processes for your online presence, with basic training on interpretation and use.

Writing, editing, and fact-checking

Per-word services for website copy, promotional materials, policies, finding aids, research reports, and other content, as well as editing and reference formatting. I'm also available as a writing coach.

Services For Individuals, Businesses, and Community Groups

with research needs, including property histories


I'll research your property, fine art, antiques, genealogy, name, family tree, neighbourhood, or business history.


I'll create reports, exhibits, presentations, videos, slideshows, posters, websites, timelines, or other deliverables of your history and heritage.

How It Works

We'll start with a general discussion about your needs over the phone. This can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.
There will be an initial consultation in-person, to survey the materials and produce a quote.

I can remove the materials to a sterile location and process them independently, or we can work in tandem in a sterile location that you supply.


I charge a higher rate per hour for in-person visits, which includes travel time and cost. I charge a lower rate per hour for independent work, which includes reasonable material costs, such as folders, labels, and protective enclosures. Special material costs will be included in quotes. Consultation over the phone is free.

I offer discounted rates for registered non-profits.

Retainers for ongoing maintenance and consultation are possible; please contact me for more information.

My work with


  • appraising and organizing 25 years' worth of performance and project documentation
  • creating file lists and metadata for donation to a digital archive
  • liaising with staff of the receiving archive
  • performing rights research and procuring permission to donate from a variety of collaborators
  • selective digitization of physical materials
My work with


  • appraising and organizing 25 years' worth of professional, personal, and philanthropic records
    including travel, lectures and speeches, correspondence, and creative writing
  • reaching out to appropriate institutions and identifying an archives to donate to
  • drafting a donation agreement that included material- and donor-specific provisos
My work with


  • researching, designing, and implementing their first records-management policy
  • designing a digitization program, including equipment selection, workflow creation, hiring and supervising three staff, quality control, support and troubleshooting
  • appraising 3 linear kilometres of records, deaccessioning approximately 80% and arranging the remainder into a corporate archives
  • training administrative staff on new records procedures
My work with


  • researching, designing, and implementing their first records-management policy
  • organizing and cataloguing 4 linear metres of research materials collected by staff
  • organizing and cataloguing 1 linear metre and 2GB of organizational records
  • soliciting physical and digital materials from community members
  • developing plans to preserve social-media content from community members
  • selectively digitizing physical materials for social-media use

Contact me

To get more information about how I can work with you, feel free to contact me:

By phone


(Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm)
Feel free to leave a message outside these hours. I will endeavour to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

By email

With Fiverr

You can commission me directly through Fiverr for one-off tasks and projects. You'll need an account.